Saturday, February 4, 2012

ZP Podcast: Episode 2

It's finally here! Episode 2 of the Zero Pwnage Podcast.  In this weeks episode we talk about the announcement of Resident Evil 6, two new maps for Modern Warfare 3 and the new releases for the month of February.  We also bring to you our newest segment the ZP Rumor Mill.  Like the name change to the Wii U,  Xbox 720 rumors and the possibility of a new Ninja Turtles game from Rocksteady!  Click over on the Podcast tab to listen and download.
Games discussed in this episode:


  1. This question goes to the ZP team. My name is Mike and I am from Oakland. I was wondering if you guys knew if SSX will be on the Wii as well/

    1. As far as I know, it'll just be on the 360 and PS3. Maybe the Wii will get it's own version a little later.