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Welcome to Zero Pwnage.  I speak for everyone involved here when I say we are excited and proud to bring you this new blog about everything video games.  What makes us different than all the rest you ask?  We here at Zero Pwnage are your average, everyday, run of the mill gamers.  We don't game in MLG.  We don't have crazy K/D ratios.  We don't get copies of games early.. we have to stand in line at GameStop like all of you.  The advantage of this?  Not everyone rushes to buy the newest game when it hits.  We hope you take our reviews and comments into consideration when spending your hard earned money.

No Pros.  That's us.  We will give you reviews and previews of games, gear and the gaming industry in general.  With our small staff, we won't be able to bring you reviews of every game, that's where our special guest reviewers come into play.  We want you to be as informed as possible.

Once again, I say welcome, to ZERO PWNAGE.  Enjoy.  Now here's a little something from the creators and staff.

Hello all, what's up?  My name is Eric Hepokoski and I am one of the creators of this blog.  I am very excited to be able to bring this to you about one of my passions.  Gaming.

I was first introduced to video games in my 5th Grade class by the means of... Pong.  It snowballed from there.  Pac-Man, Centipede and countless others at the arcade.  My very first gaming console was actually my fathers Texas Instruments computer.  Parsac, Hunt the Wumpus were just a few games that started my love for games.  Years later, it was the Nintendo Entertainment System(NES)that continued to build that love.  I passed over the N64, due to my hatred of the controller, got the Sega Genesis, then the Playstation that brought the gamer in me to a whole new level.  Now with the PS3 and the Xbox 360, there's always something new for me to explore. 

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AARON MEYER (Co-Creator)
What's up everyone?  My name is Aaron Meyer and I am part 2 of the creators of this blog.  Gaming along with Videography and Graphic Design are some of my biggest passions.  I am someone who expresses himself creatively and is passionate about creating the best works I can.

My first gaming experiences were when I was young playing SNES over at my friends house down the road as a kid.  It wouldn't be for another 2 years after that I would have my first system of my own.   At first I was an avid sports gamer playing mostly Ken Griffey Jr Baseball, Madden, NBA Live, and NHL series games along with the classic Mario's.    Many years later my tastes diversified during Middle and Highschool into games such as the Grand Theft Auto and Syphon Filter Series.  When Halo first appeared on the Xbox it was the first game to open me up to First Person Shooters.

Since growing up through the mid 90's and seeing how much games have changed since I was younger and their potential grown exponentially, it excites me to see what it will lead to in the future.  Being able to combine my other talents into someplace I can let them be combined with my hobby for gaming makes this exciting for me and hopefully all of you as well.

Hey, everybody!  I'm Dave Flinton, the new Italian member of the Zero Pwnage team.  I love puppies, candlelit dinners, and long walks on the... oh, wait, wrong site.

Gaming has always been a passion of mine.  Some of my earliest memories consist of playing Rampage on the NES with my dad.  He played as Lizzie and I'd play as Ralph, and although we were supposed to be on the same side I took great enjoyment in continually tossing him off the roof, but still he never complained about it.

I've owned every major system since the Atari 2600 (which I still own, along with about 40+ games for it), with the exception of the Sega CD and PS3.  I even had the 32X for the Genesis, even though I only owned 2 games for it.  As of now, I devote most of game time playing Call of Duty with my friends on Xbox Live.

Apart from gaming, I served in the Marine Corps, have been married to my beautiful wife, Liza, since 2007, and love computers, martial arts, and pool.  I'm very excited to have been asked to join this project that i think is going to continue on for a very long time, and equally as excited to be able to share my odd views on gaming with you.

Ok, well how to introduce oneself. That is always the hardest part of any introduction so I will just jump right into the middle. I enjoy a balance of reading and video games. I know that sounds like a complete opposite and it is. Sometimes I like to be a dork with a book in bed and sometimes I like killing a lot of young, sometimes racist and idiotic gamers in whatever shooter I fancy. By killing them I feel better about myself which is really my goal every day, to increase my own confidence and take theirs down.

Since we are a gaming website in many ways I should probably bring that in to play. I began playing with my earliest memory being Zelda on the NES, good old times. I used to map out the entire game on graph paper down to every single dungeon and over world screen. Hard core right? Best freaking players guide I have ever seen! Outside of that I have been into almost every sort of game from shooters to sports, puzzles and all in between. I don't believe in hating any game or system, they all serve a purpose for each person and if it makes you happy then cool.

Outside of that, I take pride in my Irishness (yes that is a word), am a diehard Vikings fan no matter how depressed it can make me sometimes, they are still my team and I also find nothing better than throwing a football around while drinking a beer.

Just for giggles and arguments . . .

Best console: SNES

Best game: Chrono Trigger

Worst money spent on a game: Animal Crossing

Favorite Gaming moment: Beating Bubble Bobble as a kid (if you did not play it find it!)

Hey all!  I'm super excited to be a part of the Zero Pwnage Team and blab about video games.  I have been obsessed with the vidja since I was three years old and played Super Mario Bros. on the NES for the first time.  Since then they have become my main hobby, dominating my living room and leading to countless hours of joy.  

Although my current game collection isn't as diverse as it once was, I've owned at one time or another every major system from the Atari 2600 through the current generation.  My wife and I are even working together to restore an old Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet.  The craziest collector-type thing I've ever done was purchase 2 Atari Jaguars, 2 copies of Jag Doom and a NOS Jaglink just to play effin' Atari Jaguar Doom against myself.  I enjoy all types of games on any system but specialize in FPS, puzzle and fighting games.

As far as my personal life goes, I have a wonderful wife and two crazy-but-lovely daughters, two cats, a rat and a fish.  My other hobbies include singing karaoke, Asian cinema and collecting bootleg Star Wars DVD's(yeah I know).  I work with the two creators of this site(Eric & Aaron)and hope to one day own my own used video game store/arcade..... or take over the world, if it fits into my schedule.