Thursday, February 16, 2012

Battlefield 3: Global Conflict

Battlefield 3 which has been known for it's wide open maps and destructibility of their maps has one of the biggest communities of modders and hardcore fans bases in PC gaming.  A group of Battlefield 3 enthusiasts have created the "Global Conflict" Tournament Community.  Well actually it's been around since Battlefield 1942 but just recently began drafting for Battlefield 3.  For those of you who want to make your Battlefield experience mean even more then I would highly suggest checking this one out.  "It's like playing Risk, where every dice roll is a round of BF3."

As stated by the creators of Global Conflict, "A whole new way to play Battlefield 3.  We turn each map into a small battle in a larger war.  When you join GC you are placed into one of two armies.  Each army has a strict hierarchy, with a general and several squads with their own captains, lieutenants, etc."
It may sound overly complicated at first and may not be for those who are just looking to play for fun, but those who like to be competitive and want to feel like they are playing for more then just a match on an online game it can offer a new experience.

As a fan of the Battlefield series myself I love that there exists a community such as this.  It allows players to become a part of a bigger whole.  (Now if DICE and EA would just come out with some more maps.) The other thing I really like is that you are able to join in and drop out at anytime and all those games you played and helped win will have an overall affect to what happens.  Skill level takes a backseat to Team Play which really is what Battlefield 3 is all about anyways, right?  Who cares about a K/D ratio or going positive.  As long as your helping resupply your team, revive dead teammates, capture flags it doesn't matter if you die twice or twenty times.  That's something that people have forgotten about in my opinion with multiplayer games today.  It's all about showing off and being the Ranked #1 person.  If you want that then look no further than COD, but if you want some real team play experience then there are few better communities than that of the Battlefield series.  Global Conflict is just reinforcing this idea and bringing it to a larger scale.

Currently the "Battle Days" take place every Saturday 10am PST to 4pm PST and only run on the PC side of things.  Although it would be nice to see a separate version run in the PS3 and 360 as well on a custom server. (Are you listening DICE???)  Of course the absolute best thing is that GC has never asked for any financial compensation either.

To join up and take part go to

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