Sunday, December 18, 2011

Skyrim has taken over my life.

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 First off I should say that I'm posting this not only to let my family and loved ones know that I am still alive and have not keeled over but have just been enveloped into the world of Skyrim.  As someone who never really got into the heavy RPG games such as Final Fantasy or even the late Fallout game series you'll have to excuse me for my never having a real interest in having a bunch of stats and numbers to keep track of while playing a game.  Skyrim changed my mind to all of that.

Skyrim has been out for just over a month now and has taken media and the internet by storm.  It's been a long time since I've played 40 hours of a game and not felt bored or thought about looking for something new or taking a break from.  I even bought the latest Modern Warfare game the day after it came out because I figured it would be good for a break from the dragon killing and meeting up with friends for some good fragging fun but I've maybe clocked a whole 2 1/2 hours with that game total and only when being sent a text that everyone was playing.

If you haven't played this game or have any small remote interest in this game I would highly suggest you buy it.  Don't rent it. BUY IT!  I say that because once you start playing and see just how alive and how you will come to realize that the words "total immersion" will be the only way you can truly describe playing this game.

The absolute best part about Skyrim is how 2 people can play the game and have completely different experiences aside from the main quest line.  Never have I ever played a game where I started with the main quest line and then decided I was more interested in looking at all the other side quests that were available and doing them before sparsely going back to the main quest here and there along the way.  The reason is because so many of the side quests have a fine polish to them that could serve as a main quest in a similar game.

Again I refer to the statement I made earlier about "total immersion."  The fact that I was walking along in White Run my first day of playing and dropped an extra item I had been carrying that I thought of as useless junk, when suddenly behind me a woman's voice stopped me and said, "Excuse me, but I think you make have dropped this."  In her hand was the item I had left on the ground and suddenly I noticed that my inventory message came up on the screen that she had given it back to me.  In any previous RPG I had played in NPC's would have ignored such a thing.  Bethesda did a great job in bringing this world to life.

Another story would be how my character, who is melee-combat focused and my best friend who decided to attend the College of Winterhold and become a Mage have had so many different experiences in the game.  A day hasn't gone by in the past month where my friend and I wouldn't be able to tell each other a story of our questing that the other hasn't experienced yet or will get to at all because of the decisions and actions we've made along our adventures.

Skyrim has taken over my life but I can say that in the past few years I haven't been this enthused about a game and how great it is and can talk about a game and share stories with my friends since the first time I played Halo 2 online for the first time.  This game just recently won the title of Game of the Year at the Spike VGA's and I for one completely agree.  While many great games have come out over the year of 2011 but none of them have been nearly on this caliber.

Feel free to leave comments below  and share your own Skyrim stories.

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