Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just another casualty of war.

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 A couple of weeks ago, my co-creator of this blog, wrote about how Skyrim was taking over his life.  I have the same affliction.  Except with me it's Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3.

I've spent a lot of time with this game.  A lot.  Some of my friends think I have a secret relationship because I'm never around.  Well, I'm here.... in my room... with my 360 and COD:MW3.  What can I say?  It's tremendously fun and I enjoy it.  People give this game franchise a lot of crap for basically being a cut and paste of the last game and never showing any innovation or breaking new ground.  Most games do not change drastically from entry to entry, so why try to fix it if it isn't broken?  Sure, I'd like to see even more subtle changes, but that's just nitpicking.

I'm currently on the 3rd Prestige level.  I probably wouldn't be there until I found out that you can use "Prestige Tokens" to unlock certain features such as carrying over a weapon from prestige rank to prestige rank.  That's something you couldn't do in the franchise before.  Now I don't have to wait until level "X" to unlock the G36C, I'll take it with me thank you.  Here's a quick list of some other little changes IW and Sledgehammer made to MW3.

Helicopters - These once feared air predators are not nearly as tough to bring down this time around.  Two teammates or one guy carrying a launcher with two rockets can bring these down.  *Tip*  Get underneath with a SMAW or a Stinger launcher and one shot is all it takes.

Weapon Proficiencies - Kick, Range, Focus are just a couple of new perks you can add to your weapons to make them fit even more to your liking.  For example, adding the kick proficiency along with the grip attachment to your light machine gun makes that sucker think it's a sniper rifle.  Very nice.

New Toys - Trophy System.  Destroys 2 airborne explosives.  Even drives an incoming Predator Missile harmlessly off the map.  I.M.S..    Hybrid Scopes.  Portable radar.  New toys for good times.

New Weapons - FAD.  PP90M1.  Personally one of my new favorites, include the Rapid Fire attachment and it chews through your enemies... PP90M1 = Love.  SMAW.  Five Seven handgun.  FMG9.

Game Modes - With nearly 20 different game modes, including new additions Kill Confirmed, Team Defender and Survival(think Gears of War Horde mode)there is almost certainly something for everyone's taste.  Also, they now have a community playlist, called Drop Zone.  Each team fights to control a drop zone where care packages are dropped that contain airstrikes, helicopter strafe runs, predator missiles and more to throw at your enemies. 

As much time as I've already sunk into this game, I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.  I always find an old game type or weapon that reignites my desire to blow shit up.  New weapons, game modes, smooth tight controls and now 60fps make this an easy choice for any FPS fan.



  1. I'm only level 46 or something. I'm lucky if I get half way through a prestige and a half. Even the double xp hasn't been helping me all that much. lol

  2. It would be nice to see the Gun Game set be dropped into Community playlists. That and the EMP that magically spans time are my only complaints.

  3. @DFDC -

    True. The Gun Game from Black Ops was pretty fun, didn't play it a whole lot, but enjoyed what I did.

    Yes. The magical EMP. A friend and I get into "arguments" about that. He doesn't like the EMP effect and I don't like how Flash Grenades actually slow me down.


  4. Am I the only one who doesn't miss zombies?